Welcome to Ontos Media!

Ontos Media is a US-based documentary studio focused on producing films, video, and new media projects that bring to light compelling stories with an international socio-cultural perspective. We also provide the artistry and technical expertise necessary to empower individuals and organizations around the world to transcribe the truths of their experience into intelligent, visually compelling presentations that explore, preserve and disseminate their unique stories.

We are dedicated to a process of discovery through compelling visual and aural representations of what exists in the world. Our name "Ontos" comes from the ancient Greek verb meaning "to be," and represents our commitment to portraying that which IS.

In all of our work, we bring intellectual, technological and artistic resources to bear on situations and stories in which inherent truths may be complex or obscured. In an era as highly politicized as the current one, it is vital that these truths be given voice. We hope that our films contribute in some small but certain way to the intelligence of human action and to the justice of its excercise.

We find that our ends frequently align with the disempowered, those who have not had a voice, and for whom the truth of their stories is their only power. We embrace this alignment as an opportunity to help give voice to the voiceless. Whether we are making a film about African child health or a television series about the legacy of public lands in the United States, we strive to give form and visibility to these stories that cry out to be told.